Operator's Audit
The operator is an airline that constantly offers a full range of activities for the organization of flights of the aircraft.

The choice of an airline should be thoroughly approached, the company's reputation, its independent reviews of market participants and, of course, offer the airline operating the aircraft in the interests of the owner can serve as the criteria.
The absolute priority for the airline management to serve the interests of the owner, rather than just getting the maximum commercial effect of the operation of the aircraft.

Not always tempting expenditure figures provided by the airline and it is always acts as the concerned party reflect the actual amount of bills to be presented after the fact. The best option may be to consider the involvement of independent experts to analyze and evaluate proposals from airlines, as well as the analysis of the airline's activity already engaged in the operational management of Your aircraft.

Jetstream Avia offers to its clients to take advantage of the unique service of the audit of activity of the operator airline in order to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of the management of the aircraft, we shall provide:

• Check of all the technical, legal and financial documents, since the beginning of the aircraft operation;

• Control of the operator's activities in terms of compliance with all safety requirements, rules of operation and legality of the use of the aircraft;

• Control of validity of the costs of aircraft operation, produced by the operator, check and acceptance of financial statements of the operator;

• If when checking there is found the unjustified exaggeration of the sum of the costs for aircraft operation, specialists of Jetstream Avia will support the complaint and judicial work, as well as will pick up for you an alternative version of the operator in order to minimize your costs and organize the transition to the new operator.

Aircrafts Insurance
When acquiring an aircraft, it is necessary to understand that it is the means of increased danger, and, therefore, as no other property it needs the insurance risks associated with its operation.

Services in the aircraft insurance market shall be provided by both insurance companies and international insurance brokers. Jetstream Avia works with all insurance companies, because of their excellent reputation, financial strength, ability to ensure the prompt issuance of insurance organization and, certainly, the insurance policy.

We have significant experience in insurance of aviation risks and the settlement of insurance events, and offer our clients:

• Insurers - world leaders of international aviation risk insurance;

• Wide reinsurance system with international insurance brokers;

• Aircraft hull insurance "against all risks". In the insurance case the owner and operator of the aircraft will receive insurance compensation in excess of the franchise - the size of their own retention in cases of loss of or damage to the aircraft both on the ground and in flight;

• Insurance with a deductible. When the insurance case the owner and operator of the aircraft will receive the insurance indemnity within the franchise in cases of loss of or damage to the aircraft both on the ground and in flight;

• Liability insurance when the operation of airports;

• Insurance of flight crew and passenger insurance, including «one seat» insurance, i.e. insurance of each seat separately;

Technical Consulting
Maintenance of an aircraft in good condition shall be the most important and indispensable condition for safe operation, as well as saving of money invested in the purchase of a business jet.

Jetstream Avia shall provide undertake planned or unplanned maintenance of the aircraft, which is a prerequisite for timely elimination of detected faults and defects that serve to strengthen confidence in the reliability of the aircraft You bought:

• Analysis of the state of technical documentation in compliance with certification requirements in the selected country of registration;
• Determining the volume of completions of the aircraft, providing the operation with the appropriate flight mode;
• Research of vendors of maintenance services and refurbishment of the aircraft in order to minimize the cost of maintenance of the business jet.

Jetstream Avia shall not be limited to the positions listed above. Each client its needs are unique, so we are ready to apply all our knowledge and experience to carry out Your plans.

Legal Consulting
The process of acquiring a private jet because of the significant financial investments and the complexity of the transaction is associated with a high legal risk and, therefore, must necessarily be based on a careful harmonization of conditions of the transaction and the careful preparation of the relevant documents.
Experienced Russian and foreign lawyers of Jetstream Avia shall take the execution of necessary documentation, both to anticipate the occurrence of errors in the documents to be signed and the onset of adverse effects in the future, and decision of problems already arisen. Thus, You can save a lot of time and money, making the purchase of private aircraft and its subsequent use really enjoyable.

With extensive experience in transactions for the acquisition of aircraft, we provide services for the full support of the purchase and sale transactions, leasing, insurance, control the flow of documents between the parties, arrange settlements of transactions, as well as holding talks with potential buyers, strictly monitoring the performance of all contractual terms and tracking the timing of execution of obligations.

Jetstream Avia will help You in the solution of the following issues:

• Check for charges against the aircraft;
• Development of the optimal structure of contracts and financial flows related to the acquisition and maintenance of the aircraft, including tax and customs payments;
• Transfer to the buyer into the physical possession of the aircraft and title documents, including, the flight manual, logs engines, aircraft registration log, etc. at the delivery location;

• Set of measures on the aircraft registration in the country of registration;
• Preparation of permitting documents for the movement in the air space;
• Registration and certification of the aircraft, i.e. the procedure for selecting the country of registration of the aircraft, getting onboard accommodation and setting the aircraft under the flag of the airline;
• Consulting on the requirements of the customs authorities, national and international aviation authorities in the performance of flights and aircraft purchase.

Jetstream Avia shall not be limited to the positions listed above. Each client and its needs are unique, so we are ready to apply all our knowledge and experience to carry out Your plans.

Finance Consulting
It is important to remember that the aircraft belongs to a special category of movable property, having the features of real estate, so the sound operation and management of an expensive aircraft will allow you to recoup the cost of it, but also to make a profit for the commercial use.

Jetstream Avia has close business relationships with banks and leasing companies that are specialized in providing services to the aircraft owners and is ready to provide you with the following consulting services:

• Evaluation of the cost of acquisition, registration and operation of the selected aircraft for a particular mode of operation;
• Identification of the most benefit from the correct choice of the country of registration;
• Development of proposals for the optimal scheme of financing the purchase of the aircraft, including the analysis of the possibilities of leasing or fractional ownership program;
• Loans secured by the aircraft itself or other assets or guarantees of third parties;

• Refinancing on the best conditions for you against the pledge of the aircraft already acquired in view of the release, flight hours and technical condition;
• Identification of opportunities to use the special legal status of the aircraft (for example, the extraction of resources for business on the security of aircraft, lombard finance);
• Reduction of operating costs aircraft maintenance and rise of its profitability by commercial use of an aircraft in periods of free flight of the owner.

Finance Leasing and Classic Crediting
Finance leasing is one of the most popular in the world practice as an effective way for optimization of expenses when the acquisition of an aircraft.

Finance leasing shall provide for the transfer of the aircraft for leasing and full compensation for its value for the contract period. After payment of all lease payments you have to buy back the aircraft at the residual value. For the duration the financial leasing period is commensurate with the term of full amortization of the aircraft.

Jetstream Avia has been working with foreign banks, leasing companies and export-import agencies specialized in providing services to finance the aircraft acquisition, so that we are able to provide our customers with the most reliable and profitable schemes of international financel leasing:

• The size of the down payment varies from 10 to 30%;
• The ability to reduce or increase the so-called «balloon payments», i.e. the residual value at the expiry of the financial leasing of aircraft;
• Raising finance at lower interest rates at the expense of cooperation with Western leasing companies and export-import banks;

• Providing the lessee with the chance to determine the schedule convenient for him as regards lease payments on the basis of their capabilities;
• Reduction of requirements to guarantee security of the transaction - during the term of the lease agreement tangible assets are the property of the leasing company and act as a pledge of the leasing transaction.

Purchase of Aircrafts
A private jet is not just a comfortable means of transportation, it is a necessity for those whose business is no longer fit in the limited scope of the city and one time zone.

The advantages of aircraft purchase are undeniable, if you have sufficient means to do so, because you get not just a comfortable means of transportation, but the property, which You can dispose.

The level of security in the operation of a private jet is much higher, because the attention to the technical equipment of a business jet you pay when deciding on the necessary safety systems and qualifications of the crew. The place of aircraft location aircraft shall be defined by you in person , on the basis of your own convenience, interior design is made exclusively according to your taste with your favorite colors and fabrics, and a personal crew already knows what level of comfort You need, how to make the menu, what drinks and the interior temperature You prefer.

In addition, You incur costs only for the actual flights, including fuel and crew pay, without paying for empty haul aircraft.

However, the aircraft purchase is a complex process at different stages of which it is impossible to avoid the problems with the observance of specific formalities, and most importantly, to find the right balance, on the one hand, is the convenience and comfort, and on the other, economic expediency and common sense. While contacting Jetstream Avia all stages of the aircraft purchase will seem much easier, you free yourself from the decision of all matters related to the aircraft acquisition:

• Selection of the aircraft, taking into account a variety of factors: frequency and range, number of passengers, time spent on flights, financial capability, Your preferences, and much more;
• Negotiations with the manufacturer or owner of the aircraft. Maintenance of sales transactions. Only real professionals of Jetstream Avia are able to predict future changes in the market, which may result in a lack of profitability in the choice of a particular model;

• Provide funding for purchasing and legal consulting, which includes lending, leasing, insurance, aircraft, obtaining permitting documents for the movement in the air space;
• Registration (re-registration ) and certification of the aircraft is a procedure for selecting the country of registration of the aircraft, getting onboard accommodation and setting the aircraft under the flag of the airline;

• Carrying out of the tender for the management company and the operator;
• Training and retraining of personnel, equipment and outfitting of the aircraft and much more.

The above issues shall be handled by different service providers - banks and leasing companies, insurance companies, service centers, airlines and air brokers. But most often, these companies provide only part of the services, which leads to the fact that the buyer has to spend a lot of precious time to address legal and technical issues.

Purchase of Second-Hand Aircrafts
Purchase of a second-hand aircraft always represents a reasonable risk, and our goal is to minimize the costs for the purchase with the most compliance with

your needs, as well as reduce the likelihood of technical and legal risks.
An alternative to the purchase of a new aircraft may be the acquisition of the aircraft in the secondary market. This purchase option, of course, is beneficial under some financial constraints, or the buyer does not have time to wait for its turn for the supply of a new business jet.

By contacting Jetstream Avia You release yourself from the solution of specific issues and formalities, we will go through all the stages of preparation for the sale and purchase of aircraft in the secondary market:

• Negotiations with the aircraft owner, during which it is important to take into account future changes in the market for business aviation;

• Evaluation of the market value of used aircraft to determine the profitability of the choice of a particular model;
• Financing the purchase and legal advice on issues of crediting, leasing, insurance, aircraft, obtaining permitting documents for the movement in the air space;

• Re-registration of the aircraft;
• Search for the hangar subject to storage, maintenance, emergency and major repairs;
• Training and retraining of personnel, equipment and outfitting of the aircraft and much more.

Sales of Aircrafts
With the business development Your plane no longer corresponds to the requirements raised for it? Or the difficult economic situation affects the profitability of the use of an expensive aircraft? Inevitably there arises the issue for the sale of the aircraft.

This is an inevitable stage in the life of each aircraft, which may be due to various reasons: the duration of the flight resource of the business jet, which is about 10 - 15 thousand hours, or business development requires the expansion of geography of flights, increased passenger capacity and more modern models. In this context, the question arises on the acquisition of new and the sales of the existing business jet.

The seller will inevitably face a number of pre-sales problems, which can be handled only by the company that has professional experience in the international market of business aviation, namely, Jetstream Avia will take over your concerns on the sale of aircraft and will provide the performance of the following tasks:

• Financial and legal advice, including the preparation of a number of necessary documents;
• Conduct of comprehensive independent technical expertise to determine the value of the aircraft on the market and the approximate period of sale particular model;
• If necessary, we shall ensure the urgent repair of aircraft;
• Quality marketization of the aircraft worldwide;

• Search and conduct of negotiations with potential buyers until the full completion of the transaction.

Organization of aircraft charter programs
Jetstream Avia together with ProAir airline offers the aircraft owners the programs of minimizing costs for aircraft ownership by putting it it in partial lease abd compensation to the owner of a number of fixed costs for the aircraft maintenance
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