The aircraft charter for corporations and individuals is not so much a proof of status and luxury index, as a necessary condition for effective conduct of business.

If you do not need to purchase your own aircraft, and the aircraft is needed only in special cases, it is advisable to use the rental service business jet. Your personal flight may be delayed or postponed because it's who You decide the time of departure and the direction of flight, the aircraft security level corresponds to all international standards. With all these virtues as opposed to buying the aircraft You get a business jet "turnkey", and, therefore, will not incur significant financial costs for aircraft insurance, leasing, additional equipment and the crew selection.

Jetstream Avia offers a unique opportunity to adjust the route and flight schedule for your work schedule, rest, making flights in a comfortable environment, highlighting Your special status:

• Specialists of Jetstream Avia will not only help You decide on a particular model of the aircraft on the basis of profitability and your subjective preferences, but also deliver it to any airport in the world with the pilots and crew, by completing all the necessary permitting documents;

• We only work with the owners of business jets, offering the best prices for the rental of modern aircraft, which qualitatively reduces the cost of the aircraft lease, therefore, you do not have to pay extra charges for brokers and agents;

• Passengers are provided with comfortable rooms at VIP airport terminals, where You can wait for the departure and arrival time, while the attentive staff will take care of the formalities with customs and passport control;

• On board you shall be served by a professional team, highly qualified technicians and dispatch software. All your wishes on board, including the requirements for the menu, interior equipment and staff shall be precisely complied with.
    Programs of Aircraft Long-Term Lease
    Jetstream Avia will help to conclude Aircraft Block Charter Agreement from 1 month and more on the most favorable terms.
    Medical Evacuation
    Jetstream Avia transports patients by a specially equipped airplane from any country of the world, at any distance and at any time of the day. Charter ordering for medical purposes is carried out efficiently, and with trained personnel.

    Medical charter is equipped with modern high-tech equipment: Ferno stretcher, resuscitation system LifePort, ventilator Medumat, heart monitor and defibrillator Shiller, Pulse Oximeter Criticare, vacuum mattress Ambu, syringe and infusion pumps Terumo etc.

    Our experts have full understanding of the mechanism ofmedical evacuation, cooperation with hospitals, airport services, insurance companies and relatives.

    Order charter for medical purposes - speed guarantee

    If you or your organization need urgent transport and medical services and you contact Jetstream Avia we guarantee you:
    Response as soon as possible;

    Aircraft, equipped for transportation of critically ill patients and accompanied by a team of accredited medical intensive care;
    Possibility of hospitalization in Russia and abroad;

    Assessment of severity of the diagnosis by highly qualified medical personnel at the place of primary hospitalization;
    Transporting the necessary experts and equipment to the patient;

    Organization of modern intensive care post;

    Providing reanimobile during transport by land;

    Ability to travel reanimobile directly to the aircraft;

    Organization of stay of the patient and accompanying persons abroad;

    Control of departure and routes of the medical aircraft;

    Timely organized the evacuation of the patient and his delivery to the health care facility is one of the basic conditions for a positive result in his treatment.

    Aircraft ordering with Jetstream Avia for medical purposes means speed, advanced equipment, competence!

    Cargo Charter — Organization of Cargo Carriage Around the World
    Urgent cargo: due to failure to the production stopped, there is urgently required humanitarian aid, it is impossible to do without important detail - in these cases, we will promptly prepare the best aircraft for your dispatch. Please believe, the time saved is worth the money spent. Aircraft ordering for transportation of goods will allow to be ahead of the competitors and will help to reduce the loss of force majeure.

    Heavy and oversized cargo: Large, lengthy, heavy loads are is always a problem for transportation, especially if you do not have time to drive by land or by sea. Cargo aircraft compartments involved on regular flights, are too small and do not provide such an opportunity. Our accumulated invaluable experience will help you to choose the most appropriate, cost-effective and fastest option.

    Aircraft ordering for cargo is your competitive advantage.

    Dangerous goods: Explosive, radioactive substances and chemicals are always a headache for the client. We have extensive experience in the transport of such goods and we will be happy to solve for you all the problems with their registration and transportation.

    Valuable cargo: The forwarder cannot guarantee its safety during the entire route, you are afraid for the safety of cargo during ground transportation, the temperature conditions may damage it - all the nuances shall be taken into account by our managers, and your cargo safe and sound, with maximum speed and confidentiality will delivered to the destination

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